Love’s Beachhead

We all know what Christmas is “supposed” to look like, right? We’re surrounded by the Currier and Ives images of Christmas, the Thomas Kinkade scenes of snowy countryside and greenery. But if we’re honest, that’s just what we in northern North America think of Christmas–it doesn’t describe Christmas in Hawaii, let alone other parts of the world.

If we can admit of a different perspective on Christmas, then perhaps we can consider what Christmas might have looked like from heaven’s side–and whether that perspective is captured in Revelation 12. That was the challenge I posed in this weekend’s sermon, “Love’s Beachhead,” which was the first one that Sydenstricker UMC began live-streaming. Here is the link to our livestreaming page; for my service this weekend, I suggest you view the 8:30 service. You can start from the beginning and join in the worship, or skip to 33:10 where Don begins reading the scripture lesson. Either way, please let me know what you think–and please bookmark this page to find our livestreams each week!


Author: Waiting For Life

Eric became the Associate Pastor of Sydenstricker United Methodist Church in Springfield, VA, in June 2019, as his first appointment on entering the pastorate. He is also a student at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. He's been a Certified Lay Servant in the UMC since 2003 and has been preaching and teaching about Christ since 1995, and answered Christ's call to pursue ordination in 2018. Opinions and posts are my own, not those of Sydenstricker UMC, or the Alexandria District or the Virginia Annual Conference of the UMC.

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