Summer: No Relaxation Ahead

I was just flipping through the calendar, trying to find a time for my bride and I to have a date night, and discovering anew how packed our summer will be. Remember when summer was the time for relaxation, vacation, and quietude? Yeah, me neither. It certainly won’t be this summer.

School ends for Sarah next week. She has one week free, then the last week in June, while I’m at a class, she’s got her first week as a paid (!) staffer for Jeremiah Project out in Winchester. Then it’s the week of July 4th, when Sarah wants to go visit a male friend of the boy gender variety (agh) in Roanoke before the 4th, and then I have another conference at the end of the week. The second week of July Sarah’s back to JP for a second week, and all of a sudden it’s the middle of summer.

David will be in Spain from June 30 to August 8, doing the first of his two archaeological field schools. The program actually ends August 1, then he’s spending a week bouncing around Iberia before flying out of Lisbon. Which means we won’t have a visit home to Vermont this summer, because four days later we have houseguests, and then…

…just a week later Sarah is one of the teen leaders for Chrysalis weekend C-99. She’s already been working hard on that, and it’ll be a great time of grace, but MAN, the summer disappears! Then we have to move David into his apartment before school starts for him at the end of August…

No, there is no rest for the wicked…


Author: Waiting For Life

Eric became the Associate Pastor of Sydenstricker United Methodist Church in Springfield, VA, in June 2019, as his first appointment on entering the pastorate. He is also a student at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. He's been a Certified Lay Servant in the UMC since 2003 and has been preaching and teaching about Christ since 1995, and answered Christ's call to pursue ordination in 2018. Opinions and posts are my own, not those of Sydenstricker UMC, or the Alexandria District or the Virginia Annual Conference of the UMC.

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