Waiting For Life

Do you remember being 17?

The anxieties, yes, the awkwardness, yes, but also the incredible sense of anticipation–high school’s about to end, and MY REAL LIFE’S ABOUT TO START!

Do you remember that sense of supreme confidence, that it’s your world and you just can’t wait to get out and take it by the horns?

Whatever happened to that feeling?

Maybe you’re in your twenties or thirties, and you’re still waiting for that life to begin. Maybe that career you wanted when you were majoring in whatever just didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Maybe you had visions of a college and a career, but something came up–illness, or maybe becoming a parent–that knocked you onto a different path.

Whatever it is, there’s that nagging feeling that the life you wanted isn’t the one you’re living. It’s frustrating, and why does life have to be this hard?


And maybe you’ve begun wondering, maybe there was something to that stuff they tried to teach me years ago in Sunday School. Maybe you’re beginning to explore Christianity again, this time as an adult, but you’re unsure about What It All Means…and maybe you need a little help, someone coming alongside to be a friend and mentor and explain it all to you.

Waiting For Life is the big brother you never had, helping you on your path. I’ve been there; I know where you’re at and I know the struggle of trying to make sense of it all. I’d like to offer a few thoughts, now and then, to help you understand who Jesus is, what Christianity is all about, and how you can find your own path with him. Plus some of my own experiences and musings and occasional flashes of something approaching insight.

So whaddya say? Let’s talk.